b. 1986, HK.



Matthew J. Corcoran is a professional sculptor, character artist and designer.  His personal artwork expresses adventure, instill virtue and encouragement set in an imaginative storytelling realm.

Matthew’s passion for art and sculpting started at a young age as he grew up in his father’s wood shop.  As the son of a carpenter he grew up learning to use his hands to create and fashion wood from drawings into finished designs.  This creative environment instilled an unending love for art and design.  Through the art books, movies and games of the 1990’s, Matthew found an extreme passion for characters and storytelling. 

He attended Columbus College of Art Design, where he received extensive training in traditional art, illustration, film and 3D animation. 

After graduating he followed his dream and moved to California where he would go on to work for studios like Industrial Light & Magic and AnatomyTools.com.

His best friend, muse and wife, Sze Jones, also shares a love for art and together they continue to follow their passion for character art and sculpting.  Professionally, together they have accomplished building a character pipeline for a Silicon Valley startup and have helped strengthen existing ones.

Today Matthew and Sze live in Las Vegas, Nevada where they share a studio and continue to work together for games and their personal art endeavor.

Nominated for the Spectrum 26: The Best in Contemporary Fantastic Art – Vivicus – Dimensional Category

3D World Magazine - Issue 212 - 2016
3D Artist Magazine - Issue 86 - 2015

Guest Speaker/Instructor:
Promise Land Art Festival in Lodz, Poland - CD Projekt Red, ArtStation - 2016
Human Anatomy Level 3 Workshop - AnatomyTools.com 2014
Mastering Human Anatomy with ZBrush - AnatomyTools.com & Gnomon - April 2013
Human Anatomy Workshops - Traditional Sculpting - AnatomyTools.com - 2012-2013
The Masters Workshop with ZBrush - AnatomyTools.com, Pixologic & Gnomon – 2012